Asbestos Trainer - John Carter

John Carter

Asbestos Training Director

John Carter, the founder of Asbestos and You, has decades of experience as the managing director of his own asbestos management company and is a previous board member of the Bernie Banton Foundation, among other industry accolades.

He has continued involvement in various industries and associations in forums and committees – helping set our industry standards.

John’s vision is to make everyone aware of the dangers of Asbestos and how to deal with it safely.

Asbestos Trainer - Andrew Butler

Andrew Butler

Senior Asbestos Trainer

Andrew Butler has 20+ years’ experience from an asbestos removal background and his own asbestos consultancy business.

Andrew has worked alongside John Carter for many years in different roles, and is a previous chairman representing asbestos industry stakeholders, providing feedback to asbestos policy makers.

Andrew was also the Secretary for the Association of Building Consultants in South Australia, for over 10 years.

Training Facilitator - Tiffany Carter

Tiffany Carter

Training Coordinator

Tiffany Carter is an experienced training facilitator and provides student support.

Tiffany fields all the queries on enrolments, student identification numbers, subsidies, and course bookings to ensure you have a smooth transition through training – from enrolment to certification.

She draws from years of work in the building industry to ensure your paperwork is consistent with the National Quality Training Framework requirement.

As trainers, our main aims are:

  1. To improve your basic awareness and ability to identify a diversity of asbestos containing materials.
  2. To help you become compliant to the regulations, minimise the likelihood of asbestos exposure, and understand appropriate controls.
  3. To foster your job readiness by developing your skill set to carry out or manage asbestos tasks.
  4. To apply knowledge and practical tips to help you improve site practices, whether you are new to the field, or are an old industry hand.

Helping everyone work safe, and be safe.

Asbestos Removal Demolition

We can answer any questions about Asbestos, as we’ve been involved in the industry since the ’90s.

John Carter, Asbestos Training Director

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