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Asbestos & You provides foundation training for those entering the asbestos industry, professional development to those already in it, and general awareness for anyone who may need to deal with asbestos on a work site or at home.

We have an ethos of saving lives

In short, asbestos diseases are preventable.

Training is paramount to being able to correctly identify, handle, remove and manage asbestos on site. It provides a platform for a safe working environment – for everyone.

Asbestos & You is unique. We only deliver and specialise in asbestos training – providing asbestos awareness and removal courses. This includes nationally accredited Vocational Education Training (VET) compliant with Australian competency standards – mandatory requirements for asbestos removal, and licensing.

Our trainers share their industry knowledge with you by providing practical guidance, and personalised instruction.

John Carter, the founder of Asbestos and You, has decades of experience as the managing director of his own asbestos management company, and is a previous board member of the Bernie Banton Foundation, among other industry accolades.

Wittenoom Asbestos Mine 1950

Wittenoom Asbestos Mine 1950
1000’s of lives were devastated by the unknown health risks in Australia’s worst industrial disaster.

Asbestos Training anywhere in Australia

Training in Australia wherever you are

We are a Registered Training Organisation who can deliver training at your premises, in a training facility close to you, or in one of our modern education venues.

Costs may vary according to region or location.

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Asbestos Training Session Presentation
John Carter and Bernie Banton
Bernie Banton & John Carter

In the late 1980’s, John Carter reflected on:

  • the way he used to install asbestos cement sheet himself as a younger carpenter,
  • a lack of asbestos awareness in the building industry at the time, and
  • the first-hand health impacts from unnecessary asbestos exposures.

Subsequently, in the early nineties, John had already established an Asbestos Management and Consultancy business. This evolved where he developed informal training packages, for example, delivering awareness training to Plumbing Industry Association members, aided by a young employee at the time, Andrew Butler.

From this, it became increasingly apparent that there was a lack of asbestos training available for the building and demolition industries, and moreover, a lack of training providers with industry experience.

Subsequently, in 2004, the Asbestos & You training organisation was born, as a stand-alone company, and one of the earliest training providers specialising exclusively in the asbestos remediation field (possibly the first).

Meanwhile, John volunteered as a board member at the Bernie Banton Foundation. This is where John truly understood the impact of asbestos disease on families, and galvanised his resolve to prevent unnecessary exposures, through education. This volunteer work broadened across Australia, and to the point where John met with officials in NZ also, to help provide some context to introducing new legislation there, with the benefit of the Australian experience.

Fast forward to today, where Tiffany Carter (John’s daughter and Training Coordinator) and Andrew Butler (Senior Trainer) now run the training business day to day, having both worked alongside John for many years. Andrew, himself, with 20+ years of site experience working across Australia and New Zealand on removal projects, and in the hazardous materials, contaminated land, and occupational hygiene sectors. Tiffany, also, with a substantial building administration, compliance, and training management background.

Don’t worry, John, at 80+ years of age still has an active role at Asbestos and You – speaking to customers, at forums, and maintaining the ethos behind his passion, “Be safe, be trained”.

Friable Asbestos Removal - Before
Friable Asbestos Removal - During
Friable Asbestos Removal - After


is the most fundamental component in minimising the health risks from exposure to Asbestos.

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